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I, Jonathan Welton, care more about truth than about money. My heart is to empower others and release the truth that sets people free.

That is why I have provided my latest manuscript free of charge. Most likely you have not heard the contents of this material anywhere. Not because I am presenting something fringe, but because I am speaking biblically and historically, not in the trend of popular culture.

I am taking great personal risk to stand up for the truth that will set people free. It would be much easier to continue traveling and speaking popular messages about the prophetic seer realm, but the Lord has directed me to take a stand in this arena. Although the hate mail from the close-minded is piling up in my inbox, I have heard from so many more voices of encouragement as people’s lives are being dramatically impacted by this book. I challenge you to give it a fair chance.

Your brother
Jonathan Welton

In our effort to spread truth that sets people free, we have found that reading an entire book online can present a few challenges (i.e. having to be connected to the Internet, reading on a computer screen, etc). We have created a few new options in hopes of spreading the message further. Although the book is still completely free, remember that your purchases help support the continued writing ministry of Jonathan Welton.

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From the very beginning, we have provided the original manuscript online for free. We ask that if this material blesses you, that you would share it with others!

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For our Kindle readers, we have created a new Kindle version so that you can read without being connected to the internet.

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Welton Academy is the exclusive distributor of Raptureless. There is nowhere else to purchase a physical paperback edition of this book.

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